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Ophthalmology EMR Software
Key Features

SonoSoft remains the trusted authority in ophthalmology reporting and record management. Our specialist module for our Point & Click Ophthalmology EMR Software will help you efficiently manage date entry, encounter reporting, patient management, practive management and much much more.

Key features of our Ophthalmology EMR Software that makes your ophthalmology reporting efficient and easy to manage:

  • Electronic data capture on tablet for patient intake data.
  • Point and Click technology requires little to no typing.
  • User definable drop downs with default capability.
  • Fast and easy filters for patient and physician look-up.
  • Data entry uses information captured to automatically create diagrams in editable mode.

Superior Quality,
Competitively Priced.

  • All templates delivered with system for fast start up.
  • Report for Pending Orders prevents a recommended treatment, study or procedure from ‘falling through the cracks’.
  • Never lose access to your patient records.
  • EHR 100% Drummond certified for meaningful use.
  • Patient Portal for transfer of records and educational material to patients
  • Built in credit card processing available.
  • Internal messaging system for staff and physicians.
  • ...there are many more features listed here.

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